How does one function with such insecurities?


People who are true friends in every sense of the word…


I’m moving on I’m slowly, steadily Moving forward Trying not to look back But all it takes is a memory A song here, a book there A small keychain, a locket, A simple plate of food To undo my completely And just like that All my progress is gone All my positive outlook All my…


There is just history left between us now…


The toughest thing to do in life is to find the correct balance in helping oneself and seeking help from the outside world…


Nothing refreshes the mind like watching familiar movies snuggled to the couch, with real life left far away


There is much to learn from nature…

A Story amid Hills

Spring breeze of fate with life deplored Swords clashing and death ignored. A wandering mind over nature’s reprise, A strange oblivion to the war and cries. A knighted lady to the edge of hills, A lone heather among daffodils, Her white-golden hair and winds combine, Sight behold! Two fates entwine, Alike the Waltz, a graceful…


The same people who didn’t bat an eyelid when I got no results no matter how hard I worked, no matter how much I helped them, are one ones who are crying unfair when I’m at last getting my dues.


…a slow poison