Longing to see your face, I am

Longing to hold your hands in mine.

Longing to hear your voice’s caress

Longing to see your eyes shine

Longing to share my insecurities

Longing for your reassuring smile

Longing for your words of love

Longing to repeat them earnestly

Longing to bury myself in your arms

Longing to cradle your head in my hand

Longing to walk by your side

Longing to rest my head on your shoulder

Longing to lose myself in your eyes

Longing to feel your touch

Longing to simply live with you

Longing to know you completely

Longing to share my life with you

Longing to connect my soul to yours, I am.

I am a self sufficient woman.

I’m confident, independent, ruthless.

But I am a woman nonetheless

And all I can do is long…


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