Can dreams be trusted?

when they fill us with hope

and then break us.

Can wishes be trusted?

when they make us want

and chase the impossible.

Can ambition be trusted?

when it never makes us

satisfied in what we have.

Can past be trusted?

when it taunts us how perfect

the things were earlier.

Can the present be trusted?

when it gives us illusions 

of happiness and joy.

Can the future be trusted?

when it makes us yearn

for good times to come soon.

Can we trust ourselves?

when we keep changing

every day, every moment.

Yes,they can be trusted.

Dreams can be trusted

as without them,

our lives would be empty.

Wishes can be trusted

as they give us a reason

to live our life.

Ambition can be trusted

as it makes us grow

and reach new heights.

Past can be trusted

as it is what makes us

what we are today.

Present can be trusted

as it is the only thing

we actually have in life.

Future can be trusted

as it gives us something

to look forward to in life.

And we can trust ourselves

as when we change,

we change for the better.

We learn from our mistakes

and grow a little

every day, every moment.


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