Hidden storm

I love it when people

underestimate my capabilities 

when they ignore my achievements 

like unimportant trivialities 

when they think my words are

sweet and straightforward 

when they think i’m innocent 

and my actions are least untoward 

when they think I am very

easy to manipulate 

when they believe 

my importance they can underrate 

when they think I’m ignorant 

that i do not notice

when they think I’m actually 

happy at their bliss

I love it, really

when people underestimate me

because the same people’s 

shocked faces I wish to see

when they realize what

they had been ignoring

was a fox in disguise 

cold and unnerving 

they won’t know what hit them

when my true colours they will see

when they will witness

the storm that is me.


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