The clock is ticking by

And making me painfully aware

Of time moving forward

As I wait for you

And I wonder that my words

To myself were such lies;

When I told myself a moment

With you is enough

For me to survive an eternity

In your absence

When in reality I find

It difficult to last for even a day.

And the clock, inconsiderate

Still is ticking by

Neither slow enough

Nor fast enough,

And I wonder how long

It will take for me this time

To forget the nuances of your face

And if you, like always,

Will come just in the nick of time

And remind me; Or will I

Be left with vague, unclear images.

The clock, unaware of my musings

Is still ticking by

Making me painfully aware

Of the moments, hours,

Days, months, years I have spent



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