Chapter – 1 A Cold Sin

Traveling through London’s underground is an emotion itself. The smell of its air is enough to make your memories go back ages. It’s those free people who have nothing but to muse on unimportant things, keep on saying such stuff. No matter who says it, the words are still true

It was close to nightfall. I was thinking about exotic Europian flavors when my phone vibrated in my pocket.

Who else could it be? My dear friend and world famous detective Eleazer Facinelli. God knows which millionaire has hired him now.

“Good morning El,” I spoke in an inquisitive yet teasing tone.

“The day had an unexpected surprise for me.” he sounded excited and somehow victorious.

“I’m listening.”

“Stop listening and show up at my house.”

“Well then. See you in ten.”

I got down at Central Acton and took a taxi to his place.

Being constantly hired by millionaires, he had made a fortune of his own. The mansion was made on a cutout hillside. The driveway to his house circumscribed a central fountain of Greek gods carved out of stone. The mansion depicted a personality if its own. A look is enough to make you crave to spend one night there.

Moving to his mansion I saw seven Italian beauties meant to dominate the roads. His taste of cars was evergreen. The horsepowers the bonnets concealed would outrun any regulars.

His most loyal manservant greeted me at the door.

“Good morning Cuthbert.”

“Good morning sir. Master Eleazer is waiting for you in the study. ” his voice was always polite.

The study was as complex as El’s brain. In the gray carpeted room, soft music always dominated the atmosphere. There were two bookshelves which completely covered two walls of the room.

He sat there on his executive’s chair facing an enormous glass table.

“What’s caught you today El?  As far as I know you are pretty tough to get surprised. ”

“Tough is an expression that relates effort to result and impossible is just a figment of imagination for those to whom this world seems of no interest.” saying this in his eloquent perfect voice he turned around.

His casual attire in his study and infinitely handsome face has never failed to surprise me in the past four years.The same golden hair set in a sway that had a typical matte texture complimented by his light blue eyes and angular jawline.The gray t-shirt under his unbuttoned blue one perfectly hugged his carved yet non-bulky chest. The black color of his jeans gave an endearing contrast ith the gray shirt.

His too young and insanely observant mind is enough to give anyone an inferiority complex by just standing across the lane.

“I happen to stumble upon his article in the morning.” he handed me a paper.


The headquarters of FBI and Scotland Yard confirms the death of the most wanted influential figure in the entire western hemisphere.

The world’s most sought gangster, criminal, smuggler, assassin and world class businessman Alberto Diaz has been killed in a surprise encounter in the Castleglass stadium of the province of British Columbia in Canada in a joint operation by FBI and Scotland Yard. The treaty between FBI and Scotland Yard have proved to be of use contrary to what people had earlier thought. 

According to the officials, Alberto challenged the team to eliminate him at 10:30 am in the morning when he put up a message on the national display. The official report of his death was reported at 10:54 am after heavy firing was done. Eyewitnesses claim that his dead body was carried out at 10:41 am. 

This has happened earlier where he had challenged the team force to kill him but the results were in his favor. He has successfully evaded 256 planned attempts to eliminate him without a scratch on his body. He claimed have done this for mocking something so ineffective. ………

The news was all over the newspaper. Finally, I kept it down after reading it partially.

“So what has caught your interest in this?” I asked.

“Blind are the ones who refuse to look not the ones who can’t look.

My interest lies in the lie.” he spoke contemplating.

“Alberto isn’t dead?” I asked half hopeful. I had admired the guy’s personality. He had a distinction from the normal crowd of people.

“He is dead. But the killer is not FBI or Scotland Yard.”

“What?! How can you say that?”

“Look at it carefully Adams. It says that there have been 256 attempts to kill him which were completely planned.  Suddenly out of nowhere, he displays a challenge at 10:30 at any random place and at any random time that too in a very busy city and a famous stadium. Just 10 minutes after the challenge is displayed he is dead and is brought out of the stadium.

The report also states that there had been heavy shelling. If you carefully look at the picture in the article then you’ll see that there are no bullet marks on the wall. No death of any officer had taken place either.  Bullets just don’t vanish out of thin air, they have to leave a trail. Further, I ran down a check on this treaty. The closest dispatch is located 30 miles from the place. He was dead within 10 minutes of the display. That means you will have to drive at a minimum of 180 miles an hour in rush hour traffic to reach Castleglass with seconds to spare while all this while Alberto was preparing for this encounter. “

“As expected of you.” I said.

” The article mentions the name of the killer. It is Walter Smith. I ran a search on the database. There is no such person as Walter Smith in the squad.

This Walter Smith happens to be a recently recruited police officer who was managing traffic at a nearby square. “

“You mean to say that the Police killed him?”

” Sometimes I wonder whether you have any Grey matter in you?”  he snorted.

I smiled wide.

“Alberto is the most wanted criminal in the western hemisphere. He had already evaded 256 encounters. How can you say that a newbie who was managing traffic happens to kill him at first sight?

I sourced information on Alberto. He is also known as the “Whisperer of Death”. They say that all he does is whisper death into the ears of whom he wishes and the victim has no choice except to die. His skills are legendary.

He is also known as the “peak of summer” in Japan. The peak of summer begins in the month of August in Japan. It is said to be the month of despair. They state that his capabilities are legendary.

The article states that he had ambushed in the VIP compartment for the encounter. In Castleglass the VIP room has one glass wall that faces the ground. It is bulletproof. Other than that there is only one entrance to the room.

According to me in that position, he could have massacred the entire United States army without a scratch on him.

There is no way anyone could just get into the room and kill him at first sight.”

“What do you mean I am confused. If it was impossible to kill him then how do you say that he died.” I asked completely blank.

“A pelted stone can only be countered by another pelted stone.” he replied closing his eyes.

Then comprehension came to me as to what he meant.

“He killed himself.”

“Hmm… but that by far is still a possibility. It can only be done someone more skilled than him exists.

The shocking revelation was interrupted by a shrill ringing sound.

El picked up his phone. “Good  morning, detective Eleazer here.” he spoke

“Hmm… Oh! … I’ll be there.”

When the call ended there was an unmistakable smug smile on his face.

“The day just gets better.” he sounded triumphant.

“Wait, let me guess. Someone hired you to investigate the Alberto Diaz case?”

“Ha! Good one. You were close.”

“What?” I asked.

“The one who hired me to investigate the Alberto Diaz case is none other than the FBI.”


To Be Continued……..






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