If someone betrays you

Or treats you badly,

It is difficult, but not impossible

To overcome from the hurt.

You feel sad, you feel angry

But you eventually move on

And find better people

To spend your time with.

But what is most difficult

To overcome in life

Is when you lose trust in yourself

When you lose confidence in yourself.

Well, that happened to me.

I felt worthless and ordinary.

Every action I did, I thought

What is the use? What is the effect?

If I’m going to fail anyway,

Is it not better to give up?

But the thing with life is that

It is unpredictable.

When you feel most lost

It suddenly gives you a way.

When you are so prepared to lose,

It gives you the crown!

Now I know that

Whenever I’m feeling low

All I have to do is

Hold tight and wait

For now I know that

Life may be cruel

Life may be harsh,

But when it is good

It is the most rewarding,

It is the most generous.


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